Friday, October 05, 2007

Give Tape A Break

Vist Lu's great JOURNAL ART SLAM every friday!

To post your Taped journal pages or to get love and support from other students visit the Suziblutube Student's Community!


D said...

I am in love with the black electrical tape - so supple! I wonder if it comes in other colours?

You rock Suzi!!!!

Nina said...

I think electrical tape DOES come in colors -- I'm going to check the hardware store this weekend.

Suzi - if you get any really hot, sunny days and you have a balcony or fire escape, put the pillows out in the sun. This is the old way of killing mites in feather pillows.

Suze - great video. I think we need you to encourage folks to show and tell at livejournal -- for all us non-digicam folks:-)

Leslie said...

Suzi, you are so inspirining. Love the tape . . . don't love the dust mites. Keep making us think about creating cool journals!

Red Sonja said...


I just got back from visiting the parentals and was delighted to see all these posts I hadn't read yet!


Hugs :)

red tin heart said...

i loved this! just because... xo nita