Sunday, October 28, 2007

Boo Bots

Now I understand why people dont put their email addy's on their blog.
Ive taken mine down.
I sure hope the bots stop soon. is there anything I can do?


Linda said...

Probably not much you can do about the bots except to set your spam filters on high. Maybe your isp server has spam filters you can set that will stop them before getting to your computer.

As for the email address on the site, you can use something like:

Suzi at or

That way people know how to get ahold of you but you don't get the junk mail.

I hope that helps.

meena p said...

You can also put it up as just text, not a link but like this:
that way there's nothing for the bots to grab, they go over it as just text, and people will know what to type in. Good luck!

Robyn said...

GMail has a spam filter. You just have to teach it to harvest the junk.

I have MailWasher installed on my OutLook to catch all of the spame. I take evil pleasure in bouncing the stuf back from whence it came.