Monday, October 22, 2007

The blog is home baby

Since is dOwn I put a link to my video channel over here on the left
but also I have a player down below that has every one of my videos on it. So this blog is a one stop action place for suzi blu fun!

I will repost paper dolls onto flickr tonight after my mid term (i.e. not prepared) and have a link available so you can have them and print them and put them in yr books.

oh i have sadistics class in a week. The thing with this class is that every class we learn something new and I get it, but then I forget everything else Ive learned. I need to have a day of a math marathon. seriously yo.

ok what am I doing here.
I am not here!
you didnt see me!


Dave said...

Good luck with your mid terms! May you pass with all the flying colors in the rainbow!

Tarnok said...


You are amazing and do not let ANYONE including yourself tell you other wise!

Midterms are a bitch. I just had mine, but at the end of the day you have to tell yourself that you are not the marks they "assign" to you. You are a unique and beautiful person and no matter what, life continues rolling on. ANd your art will make you happy forever.

I started university two years ago and went in for mathamatics. I droped out for half a semester and went back for Bach. of Computer Science. LAter in the semeseter I switched to a Bach of Arts with a major in Philo and I have never looked back. It was the best choice I have made.

Now with you and your insperational movies I have decided to minor in studio art and to pursue my Photographic hobby as a career choice. I hope to soon show you some work.

But minus all my ranting I just want you to know that even if you have never met most of the people who come to your Vlog. They love you and things in the future will work out for you.

You are special and you are beautiful and I know some days it feels like you are under the table. But there are cracks in everything, thats how the light gets through.


Tarnok said...

BTW - It's awesome now that all I need if your vlog to get my Suziblu fix!!

Cre8Tiva said...

i never, ever saw you here...good luck on exams...blessings, rebecca

changapeluda said...

What? Who was here?
Suziblu who???

you have the most bitchenest fanbase, by the way....for example: tarnok

Babytreese said...

Hey Miss Suzi! I was lookin' for those paper dolls. Did you post them on Flikr or what?! Anyhoo...I hope you did well on your mid-term. I start school in January and I HATE MATH so I hope I find a really cute tutor that I can get some much needed help from! GRRRRR...why do they make us do math!! IT'S NOT RIGHT!!! OK...luv you gurl!! Keep makin' dem videos YA HEAR! ;=)