Thursday, September 27, 2007


I didn't paint much this week, and I don't like how that feels.
From now on, 3 paintings a week will be up.
Because that is what I want most out of life.
To be a Painter.
and the rest is just the rest.
but I need paint more than anything else.
The wood and the paper and the colors and the brushes.
I cant go a week again I dont care what is happening.
This I must promise to myself.
New Paintings up this saturday and sunday and all next week!
I hope yOu are Painting too.
I mean, what else is there?


Red Sonja said...

Rock on for you - go the painting!
I'm not painting...just started using my art journal and have only used pen and pencil so far.
I DID organise a art day with some friends though in a few weeks - will paint then :D
brushes and splashes,

suzi blu said...

Oh I envy you.
someday I will live near artists and we shall paint and play together.
That just seems ideal.

prinsing said...

I watched your videos (all three) this week and was so inspired I made art all day today instead of working! I got a little paint on my kitty but she didn't seem to mind. I'll need to wake up at dawn tomorrow to make up my work but i don't mind! The art seems to make everything else okay. Wow. Thank you!

Brahdelt said...

In fact, I am painting this week. In my journal for now but I already ordered the canvas and I'm starting my adventure with pictures next week. I have the concept in my head, it's ready and waiting to be transformed onto a canvas. And it's strange but blissful at the same time! *^v^* Thank you for inspiration!

Cindy said...

I am only painting in my art journal -- today was day one! -- and it is very scary for me. But it feels good, too. Thanks so much for the encouragement and the inspiration.

Paint on!

Lu said...

Suzi! I feel you on painting everyday. I have not done that, but I am drawing. That is a start. I have told the Slammers you will be gracing us with a challenge next week. I am so looking forward to your contribution, your energy and your spirit.

Paint on, sista girl!

Lisa H said...

I just discovered your videos(and YOU) through the blog: DISPATCH FROM L.A.

How refreshing, deeply inspiring and ...well?!

I'll be back.

Lisa Hoffman

Artsy said...

Hi Suzi! I love your art and style. You're inspiring. I bought some gesso today to work into some of my collage art. I also put one of your videos on my blog. I see you becoming very famous someday. Isn't it neat to do what you love for a living?

Take care!

Jillian said...

Just found your YouTube vlogs yesterday (thanks Cindy). They are amazing. Your art makes my heart happy. :)

Anke said...

Just checked out you tubes. They are thumbs up !!! Keep on going, they are really inspiration!!!!

Aashild said...

Yeah - you did it! Thanks to you and your art I'm making my own Art Journal! And I'm painting! And love it :)

Thanks for all the inspiration!

I'll be back :)

katydiddy said...

This couldn't have come at a better time. I took my first formal class on Friday & walked away a broken woman-thinking that I was never gonna be a "painter". I came home and decided, screw-it! I'm a "folk artist" I don't have to make it look like a photograph! It's art!