Saturday, September 08, 2007

This weekend will be something different

My DVD burning is not burning or DVDing or anything it is supposed to do. Instead, it blinks a blue light then shuts off. The result is that I wont be able to sell the making of a painting video along with paintings until I fix it.

so in the meantime...Im still going to upload new videos every monday but I was thinking instead of making them How To videos...starting with how to keep a creative journal. More than just sell art I want to make other people inspired to go make art, expecially people who fear they are non-creative. I say BAH to that. When you were five years old you had construction paper and crayons and you ruled the world. rememer?

so this will be fun. Stay tuned monday evening for a look at what is an art journal and how much fun it is to keep one. I may post two videos a week on this but we will see how my classes go and if this is possible. There will be at least one though for sure.

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a simple offering said...

well, and here it is...

you are such an inspiration and a fun teacher, very generous.

oh, thank you, suziblu