Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pink Love

Up at 6 a.m.
Pooh is good, we do the fluids at home now no problem.
I no longer fear giving him the needle and in return, he is less scared.
(that cant be the right spelling)
(yes I am this lazy)
I have a little break but then I must go back to school tonight.
The class is Drama and Music for preschoolers.
Can you think of a more fun class?
I think I need a little nap now though bkz 6 hours of sleep feels bad.
I sway when I walk.
I also could really use a YooHoo.


K'Yakker said...

What's a yoohoo Suzi? I've never heard of that?

Love, Violette

violette said...

i can't believe i posted that under my bf's name! Ack!!

suzi blu said...

a Yoo-Hoo is a most wOnderous (American?) beverage that is like watery chocolate milk. so smooth and silky when you swallow it. I cant believe they dont sell them in canada!