Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let them eat burrittos!

Thank YOU to everyone whos doing the art journals. Yay! Its like I have dozens of new playmates. I have zero art friends where I live and LONG for people to play with and be myself with and who dont mind that im messy and nutty, and now I have you, my little art journal friends!'ll just be us. You and me. Under the sheets with crayons and flashlights and our journal books. We can tell each other the biggest stories ever! and I will always believe they are true. I promise.

I am so happy bcz I found frozen burrittos with natural ingrediants and this solves my food problem for a little while. I often hit on something I like then eat nothing but that until I cant stand the site of it anymore. I like to compare this trait to Albert Einstein who didnt want to waste time picking out clothes to wear and instead had dozens of the same suit hanging in his closet. I too dont want to waste time...oh, my dear, what will I eat?

I have organic oatmeal raisin cookies and soy milk and a girly movie to watch. Im actually going to watch tv! Its been weeks. I dont have many paintings up I know, SADISTICS has been kicking my ass. But I have 2 paintings ready to go and will release the first tomorrow. I love tomorrows painting so much I am tempted to keep it at home but alas, I want to be a working artist. I get to live with it for a little while until its hopefully sold, and then I get to make another. And Monday will be another episode of how to make an art journal, this time using eyelets and power tools! I have math class at noon I will try to upload before that.


Danita said...

Hey Suzie! Move to my block!!... I have no artists friends either and we could understand each other perfectly!


Fiona said...

Virtual arty friends can be as good as real ones. Yeah for the internet!
Good luck with the maths and sadistics -I am number challenged so I admire your determination!

Mia said...

Thank you! For sharing yr videos. I've made my first artjournal page today. My first ever. It's a huge feeling.

Mary said...

Hey!!!! I Absolutely love your entries. Love the videos! I have started my first journal and I'm loving it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping people like me started on something that can help heal my soul!

nici said...

Mz Blu, You rock; one of my artdivagirlfriends sent a link to your vids. Sheeeesh, do I wish I had local artplaymates! I feerl your pain. I am stuck in suburban CT with three kids where I hoarde paper, pearlex and paint. I will be back to check out more of your inspirational artastical stuff...may I add you to the list of stalk-worthy blogs that I have on MY blog? Please and thank you!
Art on!