Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discussion Board

I didn't have a lot of time to make it fancy but I made everyone a discussion board for my online journaling videos. Go here to post weekly journal pages, talk with classmates, gain inspiration, and support each other emotionally as we all work on this process.


I think this is going to be very very kewl.

oh and i now have waffles.

Tally Ho,
suze b.


HopelessPoet said...

“Build a little community of those you love and who love you.” –Mitch Albom
That is what you are doing and it’s wonderful.

Paulette Insall said...

Suzi girl, you ROCK! xo

Anonymous said...

YAY! Love the community you started over on LJ. I actually have an online journal over there already (I'm serendipity1332)...I'm going to friend you, if you don't mind. :)

the heartful blogger said...


Dawn said...

this is all very wonderful & timely (for me). my heart is happy to be creating again! i don't want to go to work anymore...i just want to paint paint paint! =) ha! your freedom attitude is contagious! it will be fun to hook up with you-all online. (i'll have to figure out the techi stuff to show my work...mmm...new adventures all around!) blessings to you all, and especially our fearless lady leader: miz blu. =) *PEACE*

Nina said...

Just a word to mac users. The wonderful new community won't work w Safari, so you have to use firefox or netscape or sumpin' :-)


Nina said...

Whoops, I may be wrong abt mac compatibility. Well, who cares -- as long as there are colors!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just found you today and I am so inspired!! I sew, and collage, and doodle, but have NEVER art journaled. That is just too scary!!Well, That's a changing girl-Love the vlogs.
looking forward to more.