Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bandwith exceeded on

Bandwith has been exceeded on my site so all of the pictures are down!!!!
I dont know what to do but Im finding out about it now. Here is a photo of the new painting I listed. Aint it kewl : ) I dig it.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon. A friend of mine runs my site because I know nothing about servers and things...just how to upload pics and video...but he seems to be MIA. So perhaps its time I learned more about websites. OH bOy. just what I need now right, to start up an entirely new venture.


Paulette Insall said...

Hey girlie! Love the new painting! And your new art journal vids rock! I've finished a spread in my art journal finally, but don't have any pics of it just yet...hopefully soon. :D

While you're waiting to hear from your friend, why don't you upload your pics to Flickr. Once you upload your pics, you can go to the pic's static page and use that link for your auction. Lemme know if you need some help. I'll be glad to do what I can. :) (((hugs))) Oh and here's the Flickr website addy...

Malu said...

LOL Pauette just stole my words! I was going to say the same thing. You should really think about opening a flickr acount, you can get more people to see your beautiful work and inspire more people to star an art journal!

the heartful blogger said...

It's sweet that Pooh sleeps on his that his bed? My kitty likes cardboard boxes, she even crawled into a plastic bag once and slept in there!!

Good luck with your site!

Hélène Deroubaix said...

Oh I didn't know you!!!
Your art is amazing! super glad I came here thanks to a friend:)
you're inspiring,will surely come back!
Blessed be!

Patricia Wiley said...

Hi! I'm a new member here in the suziblu journaling fan club! Sorry about the tech problems--I'm no help at all for those. It'll work out soon. Love your vids...they are very inspirational for me!

a simple offering said...

pooh is adorable here.

and i love your painting:)