Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The awesome TODD has just reminded me of Lemony Snicket's, the movie, do you remember? And he deciphered the imagery so well it makes me want to crawl into bed right now and dream dream dream. And I get my own imagery as well, this gritty darkness, the antiqued, old papers...and stained wood edges, the rusty metal. OMG it makes so much sense. These are things falling apart, like our societal utopia is falling apart. Russia has a new bomb. Fear, an uncertain future. No warmth, no safe place left to go. Like the children in the movie, no one is taking care of us! But yet AH BUT YET...there is bright colors, in my paintings, in the patterns, underneath the grit, shiny powders of light shining through! There is hope. STILL! There is hope. and there is goodness and there is beauty. But yet we do not deny we are stuck in the middle of all the miserable things.

I could probably die content now but I dont want to.

Other movies that remind me of this, the first that comes to mind is JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH...that was a juxtapoz of metal and frailty. dark and light together. ooh ooh oooh I wish I didnt have statistics and so much homework tomorrow. I simply cannot paint until friday afternoon BOO ON THAT.

Wax too. How artists like me use wax, and how its so gentle and frail against the gritty muddy colors. how you can see thru the wax, into text written way underneath - like memories long ago forgotten, but recorded! They are still there. In some things, there is continuity, stablility. Maybe thats why we all feel the need to write it all down...scrapbooking even. More than just photos of birthdays, we are making the lineage tangible.

must go to bed.
oh the dreams tonight!

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