Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Art Vlog 2B


Danita said...

Hi Suzie!

I don't know how to make videos longer, but I wish someone helps you soon so we can enjoy more of your videos!

I love your art!!!


rubyduby61 said...

It's probably a setting in your web cam. Have you looked at the setting for resolution? You might be able to choose a lower resolution without losing much quality.

Love your Art Vlog! Especially the new "how to" art journal ones.

D said...

I just discovered you yesterday through one of the hundred bajillion fiber/creativity blogs I check out.

Hauled out my much-neglected visual journal and that is down to you, so THANK YOU.

I can't wait for the next video!
Good things to you,

LINDSAY said...

Hello Suzie! I love your idea of altering "satan" :) How nice of you to leave his torso in tact. You crack me up!

Dianne said...

I use my little Canon powershot camera and upload to youtube. Hmmm...my last one was over 3.5 minutes. I believe the resolution was set low. Good luck 'cause I appreciate what you say about journaling and art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie!
Great site and love the videos. Don't know if your pc or mac but here are some ideas
PC: try downloading windows media encoder -- see link. Its free!
Try 300kbps res bitrate and 360 x240 frame size at first and res up until your happy with quality. Utube accepts .wmv by the way

As to macs, quicktime pro (30$) allows for some customizing. Or maybe try a podcast which you can output from imovie directly. 8mins is only about 30-40mbs.

Good luck ...and great vlog!