Sunday, September 23, 2007

Are yOu ready?

Things you'll want for Assignment # 3
Eyelets - eyelet paraphernalia
Brads (with 2 prongs of the back)
Both can be found in the scrap book section of your local craft store.
Key ring
Craft wire
A stabby thing to make holes (or a hole puncher)
Vellum paper
Cardboard (to make a tab)
Ribbons in different shades and textures
small plastic toy things that have a hole (I used decorative buttons)
Video will be up tomorrow.


kelly rae said...

just discovered you via my friend judy. you are adorable and i'm loving what you are doing over at you tube. you rawk.

will add you to bloglines so i will be back!

Dawn said...

yay - goody - i'm ready !!!