Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Your Journal On

Join the community and post your journal pages - or just meet other students in the class at:

Brr is it cold in here? Better take off this WET BLANKET

a wet blanket it a person who pees on your parade. pee-pee blankets I call them. They say, You aren't going to leave the nose that way are you?" and "You need to shade more by the cheek. "I am not talking about an art teacher giving instruction to a student who is ernestly trying to understand portraits, but 'friends' back when I first started drawing. happy I was with just rolling graphite around paper I didn't ask or want advice! But there it was - with the message:
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE MAKING ART? if you are just starting out in art you might experience pee-pee blankets in your life. People who do not allow themselves to create therefore dont want you to either. so down the pee-pee will come on your journal, your portrait,
whatever fun and free things you are doing. But keep this in mind: they are scared. Instead of getting mad have compassion and be an example they can look to. Someone convinced them
when they were young and small that making art was only for special people. Great masters like Rembrant and Michaelangelo. Not for little them. Or little you! with your crayons and curls!
Your making art confronts their fear and they will tell you "This isnt REAL art you are doing by the way." but you will let it bother you none, right? instead, you will think of me, and my messy art room shelves, and the laundry that needs to be done, and my lack of real furniture or a husband and a job. AND YET
oh and yet,
i play and create and it is wonderful.
you will make art
and this is your statement affirmation:
and then make a face : P
and say "La la la"
and go about your art.
Assignmet 4 coming tomorrow morning.
suplies needed:
cheapie acrylic paints
colored pencils
anything you want!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I didn't paint much this week, and I don't like how that feels.
From now on, 3 paintings a week will be up.
Because that is what I want most out of life.
To be a Painter.
and the rest is just the rest.
but I need paint more than anything else.
The wood and the paper and the colors and the brushes.
I cant go a week again I dont care what is happening.
This I must promise to myself.
New Paintings up this saturday and sunday and all next week!
I hope yOu are Painting too.
I mean, what else is there?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discussion Board

I didn't have a lot of time to make it fancy but I made everyone a discussion board for my online journaling videos. Go here to post weekly journal pages, talk with classmates, gain inspiration, and support each other emotionally as we all work on this process.

I think this is going to be very very kewl.

oh and i now have waffles.

Tally Ho,
suze b.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Things To Come

My lovely goddess journalers that I adore,

So! next week I will have pages up on my site with WRITTEN instructions and links to materials, that kind of thing, because at the moment I know my videos aren't very long and I can put more information there. Videos cant be much longer than 5 minutes but even right now that is a dream because I go up to 100MB (the youtube limit) in 2 minutes. Its all an adventure in figuring it out and it might take a bit but I am a pretty determined girl.

So there will be pages to look at with each assignment and pages for me to put up STUDENT ART and give out gold stars to all my goddess who try! I also want to put up a page of buyers of my art with my paintings hanging in their living room. I think that would be a kewl thing to do.

Its great isn't it? The mixing of artists and strangers and collectors and getting everyone together to MAKE STUFF. Its beautiful beautiful. I cant wait to do more.

I will put more effort into the next video I promise. I didnt realize so many people would be into it. But now that they are Im getting more ideas! I think next week will be good. We are going to move on from basics into a real assignment. Now that we are all on the same page so to speak, and non journalers realize they can do this too...lets do STUFF!

I know your busy making your pockets but for next week all you will need is paint. whatever kind - doesnt matter. we are going to paint, my little neurotic goddesses, (if youre a guy its ok, be a guy, but realize you are among divine journalers here). Even if you have never painted before it doesnt matter. you will love it. you will paint with abandon. You will paint as if you are 5 years old and LOVE THE WORLD and trust the world and never could never imagine that anything that could come from you would be bad. not ever ever.

so yeah, Im excited.
Time for cereal and then bed.
My favorite cereal you ask?
VIVE, from Kashi.
Its got 12 grams of fiber!
a healthy colon is a happy colon. remember that.

much love and light,
Miss Blu

Sunday, September 23, 2007

How To Keep An Art Journal: 3

Bandwith exceeded on

Bandwith has been exceeded on my site so all of the pictures are down!!!!
I dont know what to do but Im finding out about it now. Here is a photo of the new painting I listed. Aint it kewl : ) I dig it.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon. A friend of mine runs my site because I know nothing about servers and things...just how to upload pics and video...but he seems to be MIA. So perhaps its time I learned more about websites. OH bOy. just what I need now right, to start up an entirely new venture.

Are yOu ready?

Things you'll want for Assignment # 3
Eyelets - eyelet paraphernalia
Brads (with 2 prongs of the back)
Both can be found in the scrap book section of your local craft store.
Key ring
Craft wire
A stabby thing to make holes (or a hole puncher)
Vellum paper
Cardboard (to make a tab)
Ribbons in different shades and textures
small plastic toy things that have a hole (I used decorative buttons)
Video will be up tomorrow.


Do you get angry at this too?
This is what I have to do today:

Pooh fluids
art store
home depot
grocery shopping
make video
edit video
write over notes from last week
research language disabilities
Read 30 pages of Marriage and family

And today is a sunday, but this is not what Im mad at. 5 classes, an internship, making art to sell and starting a video art instruction show. This is 7 days a week, look how much I would loose if I took 'sunday off'. There is no off time if you want to be a full time artist PLUS keep your dayjob (bcz eating is nice). Non artists do not understand. They dont understand putting art above leisure and social activities. Or how paintings are company

and so are the stars and the leaves outside the window, and pooh sleeping quietly in the corner.
I do not know how those who in relationships do it. I have nothing to give another person in that respect. I mean, I have lots to give a friend. I have everything. I have myself. my whole entire self. But this entitlement in the romantic they feel you owe them time. Big blocks of space because they need your undivided attention. I dont have that. I have an hour. I have time to listen to you with full attention, to have tea or pizza. to hold your hand and listen to whatever is going on. but then I have to go back to work. I have to figure out math problems and dream up new colors for fall.

But with the people in my life its all or nothing. They think Im blowing them off or how could I be too busy for them? No one sees how mUch I have to give because it does not look like the way they think I should be to them. And no one, no one, wants to accomodate my new schedule.

I long for company in which I could do my thing and yet I dont have to entertain you. How your best friend is the one who is content to just be there, breathing the same air. Or giving a quick kiss and a yoohoo. Holding you while you read your text book.

I dont have that and its probably okay. Its definitely okay. So much is happening now. I am on the edge of living the life Ive always wanted. And it has nothing to do with how Ive done it before. Its giving everything I have and expecting nothing in return. Its making art as if my life depended on it, and being there for all the people who have just bought their journals. You are afraid to mess up the pages. Its a metaphor for messing up your life you know. That fear of mistakes. and how I want to give them a place where fear does not live.

I am not giving that up for anyone.
At this point its either come with me, or get out of the way, right?
And it seems to me even though I feel very alone here in the studio apartment this sunday ( I always get like this on sundays I dont know why) with the fan blowing and my To Do list glaring at me, I know that all of this is very important. That there are real lives out there to touch even though I cant feel them through the screen. and it sounds so melodramatic I know but thats what Im here for.

Sorry to be sad. My video will be happy because I have much to show you. Its nearly 9 am so let me get going on the mundane things on my list so I can hurry up and get to the good stuff.

see you later
love and kisses,
miss blU

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let them eat burrittos!

Thank YOU to everyone whos doing the art journals. Yay! Its like I have dozens of new playmates. I have zero art friends where I live and LONG for people to play with and be myself with and who dont mind that im messy and nutty, and now I have you, my little art journal friends!'ll just be us. You and me. Under the sheets with crayons and flashlights and our journal books. We can tell each other the biggest stories ever! and I will always believe they are true. I promise.

I am so happy bcz I found frozen burrittos with natural ingrediants and this solves my food problem for a little while. I often hit on something I like then eat nothing but that until I cant stand the site of it anymore. I like to compare this trait to Albert Einstein who didnt want to waste time picking out clothes to wear and instead had dozens of the same suit hanging in his closet. I too dont want to waste time...oh, my dear, what will I eat?

I have organic oatmeal raisin cookies and soy milk and a girly movie to watch. Im actually going to watch tv! Its been weeks. I dont have many paintings up I know, SADISTICS has been kicking my ass. But I have 2 paintings ready to go and will release the first tomorrow. I love tomorrows painting so much I am tempted to keep it at home but alas, I want to be a working artist. I get to live with it for a little while until its hopefully sold, and then I get to make another. And Monday will be another episode of how to make an art journal, this time using eyelets and power tools! I have math class at noon I will try to upload before that.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

easy breazy Thursday

I moved my bed under the window so now I can sleep under the stars. Well, there is a big tree in the way but still, its sort of like sleeping in a tree house. With all the morning air coming in and hitting poohs and my face. Ive decided Im never going to make my bed. ever. Pooh likes it this way. Creamy soft pillows and blankets and cool breezes. I could stay in bed forever.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So its crunch time

Im never going to breeze thru statistics like I can with my other classes cause it goes vEry fast and is vEry hard. And so I pet the cat and dawdle and still my math book does not open! What is wrong with me? So right now Im going to paint and tomorrow, oh tomorrow, will be math. I swear.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

when stuff will be done

New video of the making of a painting and wHat I did to my hair - TOMORROW AT NOON.

How to keep an Art Journal Episode 2 MONDAY EVENING

Friday, September 14, 2007

New video painting Saturday afternoon

Painting finished but too tired to edit, I will finish it tomorrow.
Its funny how I think I can do so much in one day.
but I must relax a bit.

I have the movie "Running with scissors".

c u tomorrow

oh oH OH!

I must hurry up and get to the math tutor, first buy a calculator, then math, then hurry hurry here and paint and make a video. no talking just the painting! Like johnney smooth. I love that guy.

I will be back!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

bed for pooh

I know I need to pay the electric bill, and I will.
But there is enough left over to buy pooh a bed today.
something of his own.
Normally I wash soft blankets and things but
he needs a SPACE.
a pooh corner.
something plush and extravagant.

after my homework Im going to pet depot!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The awesome TODD has just reminded me of Lemony Snicket's, the movie, do you remember? And he deciphered the imagery so well it makes me want to crawl into bed right now and dream dream dream. And I get my own imagery as well, this gritty darkness, the antiqued, old papers...and stained wood edges, the rusty metal. OMG it makes so much sense. These are things falling apart, like our societal utopia is falling apart. Russia has a new bomb. Fear, an uncertain future. No warmth, no safe place left to go. Like the children in the movie, no one is taking care of us! But yet AH BUT YET...there is bright colors, in my paintings, in the patterns, underneath the grit, shiny powders of light shining through! There is hope. STILL! There is hope. and there is goodness and there is beauty. But yet we do not deny we are stuck in the middle of all the miserable things.

I could probably die content now but I dont want to.

Other movies that remind me of this, the first that comes to mind is JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH...that was a juxtapoz of metal and frailty. dark and light together. ooh ooh oooh I wish I didnt have statistics and so much homework tomorrow. I simply cannot paint until friday afternoon BOO ON THAT.

Wax too. How artists like me use wax, and how its so gentle and frail against the gritty muddy colors. how you can see thru the wax, into text written way underneath - like memories long ago forgotten, but recorded! They are still there. In some things, there is continuity, stablility. Maybe thats why we all feel the need to write it all down...scrapbooking even. More than just photos of birthdays, we are making the lineage tangible.

must go to bed.
oh the dreams tonight!

Monday, September 10, 2007

How To Keep An Art Journal: Episode 1

Here I am telling you all the many reasons why you, yes, yOu, should keep an art journal.
Will be edited and uploaded tomorrow.
Check back I have lots to say!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

This weekend will be something different

My DVD burning is not burning or DVDing or anything it is supposed to do. Instead, it blinks a blue light then shuts off. The result is that I wont be able to sell the making of a painting video along with paintings until I fix it.

so in the meantime...Im still going to upload new videos every monday but I was thinking instead of making them How To videos...starting with how to keep a creative journal. More than just sell art I want to make other people inspired to go make art, expecially people who fear they are non-creative. I say BAH to that. When you were five years old you had construction paper and crayons and you ruled the world. rememer?

so this will be fun. Stay tuned monday evening for a look at what is an art journal and how much fun it is to keep one. I may post two videos a week on this but we will see how my classes go and if this is possible. There will be at least one though for sure.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pink Love

Up at 6 a.m.
Pooh is good, we do the fluids at home now no problem.
I no longer fear giving him the needle and in return, he is less scared.
(that cant be the right spelling)
(yes I am this lazy)
I have a little break but then I must go back to school tonight.
The class is Drama and Music for preschoolers.
Can you think of a more fun class?
I think I need a little nap now though bkz 6 hours of sleep feels bad.
I sway when I walk.
I also could really use a YooHoo.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Video on Mondays from now on

Since every weekend I am editing up until the last minute, why not just show video on monday night instead? Although Sunday night is the best ebay day to release things, its just better for me to have sunday night to complete editing. Id rather make a better project then rush rush to get it out before 8pm.

so from now on!! Video on Mondays. yay!
I hope you dig the music on this one.

suze b.