Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What I like about this is the clausterphobic feeling you get, not the bad kind like you're trapped in an elevator and have to pee but of being under sheets on a rainy day surrounded by big fluffy pillows and all of your favorite blankets. At the moment I do not own pretty sheets or nightgowns. Someday I will have them though. I do have many large indian pillows and throw blankets that feel like velvet. Touch is very important to me. I only like to feel soft things on my skin especially at night. I also like to think of the bed as a little theater where dreams take place. The bird here is singing to her. La la la...singing her to sleep, giving her the soundtrack to her dream.

I chickened out today and did not give pooh his needle at the vet but I held his head instead. friday I will be brave. Pooh needs me to be brave.

My next video will be special. Im hoping to have it done by sunday evening. maybe I am getting ahead of myself yet though, Im getting a new effect that might be cool, it might take a few vids before I get the handle of using it. EVENTUALLY though, I will produce a video that is very. very. kewl.

ok almost 8. must eat dinner and watch movie.
goodnight all!


miss blu

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Diane Duda said...

I love this new painting! And adore the idea of "dream theatre" with a "birdsong score" playing in the background.