Monday, August 06, 2007

What a difference a day makes

I feel MUCH better today. you know, once you accept limitations, and make a decision about something, life is easier. I cannot give pooh IV fluids at home no way that is it. maybe sometime in the future but not now. I can give him medicine no problem but I cant control him enough for a needle. So he will go to out-patient. Decision made.

and I feel better. It was just way too stressful - felt so much bigger than me. The solution may not be easy on my pocket ( I cant save to go to Italy)...but my peace of mind is worth it. I am worth it.

I am learning how to make frames for watercolor paintings. I want buyers to be able to put them up on the wall right away. That is my task for this week. I need a few days to catch up with homework so expect a painting a day to appear...oh, whats today, monday...expect to see lots of work starting thursday evening.

and video of the pigmy horses will be up tonight.

*suzee blu*

p.s. and if no one told you today.........I love you.

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