Saturday, August 04, 2007

Today is PlayDay

I usually do homework on the weekends because sunday is when all of my papers are due for the online classes, but Im pretty up to date homework wise and I have been convinced that I need to leave the house. ha. Tomorrow I will shoot video and paint. Today I am going OUTSIDE.

(its muggy tho, and humid and hot and uhhhhhhh Im such an aircondition girl. I was born in August in a hospital room so cold my mother got pneumonia shortly after - I am always reminded. One of my favorite states of being is laying under fat blankets with the air blowing at 65. Because I am crazy, though, I do not like cold weather. In the winter I wear shorts in the house and put the heat on 80.)

I don't know where today will take me. Just going to get in the car and go. Ive never been to the marina in Philly, so probably there. Maybe the beach. Not to lay out but to walk and eat funnel cake.

Poo poo is doing well! Yay poopie lives! I gave him the fluids at the vet yesturday, did I already tell you? Sunday night I will be doing it at home. Poor little kitty cat king. He is jumping more today and doesnt look somber. I wish I could put him in my pocket and take him to the beach, but he is too big.

I want to buy a candy necklace.

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a simple offering said...

I like to make it really cold then pile quilts and blankets on top of me.

This from living in a house with a furnace that two registers. When I closed my doors at night I had not heat so in the winter it got very cold and I piled blankets on top of me.