Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spoke too soon

Well now tHat was horrible.
Even though me and pooh had success this morning,
tonight my hands were shaking quite terribley.
I just couldnt stick him!
Twice I tried, it didnt go in at all but he felt a little prick because of
my hesitation and said meOW.
Oh my heart!

he had 100 in him this morning which means I can give me 100 tomorrow.
maybe I will just be able to do this in the morning.
maybe I am just better in the morning.
god I thought I could do this.

I think when I stuck him this morning he had no idea what was coming so did not feel it going in and only got upset when he realized what was going on.
Tonight he kept squirming and my hands kept shaking.

there is always tomorrow.

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