Thursday, August 30, 2007

So I didn't buy boots

I bought strappy black sandels and a red dress and no I cant show you yet because Im taking video and you'll see sunday.
Im going to take that dress everywhere.
Well, wherever a few gallons of gas will take me but I will take it to places
it has never seen.
Thats the kind of life a red dress should have.
And I will say goodbye to summer
and ciao to the trees.
and eat my last icecream.

I think I may change my collage paintings a bit this week and see how it works.
encorporate photos from my real life in with the paintings.
like bits of filmstrips
still lifes
amongst the painted girl figures

we will see how this works.

1 comment:

changapeluda said...

"amongst the painted girl figures"

you make me want to sit down under/lean against
a tree.