Sunday, August 19, 2007

me and pooh, perfect together

This is to say, that if you thought you couldnt do something, really really thought it was impossible, everything in your body on edge saying NO WAY...but yet you persisted. You can make it happen. YOU can DO anything. anything.

I was able to give Pooh 100 of the 200 fluids that he needs today and will try the other 100 tonight.
But we did it!
I am extremely excited.
Hopefully it will go as well tonight as it did this morning, I think it will though.
I put on soft music, warmed the fluids in a bowl first, I believe it was a better experience for him than the vet, and will save me loads of money. I can actually buy food now with my painting earnings, rather than having everything go to the vet!

and have money for laundry whenever pooh wants it, because he does not like to lay on the same blanket for more than one day. Nor should he have to.

Viva La Pooh!

Viva La Suzi Blu!

I am writing the 1st of 4 papers that are due tonight, the last day of my summer semester. I have until midnight. I must get my head focused. GRRRRRRR.


a simple offering said...

yay! you did it!!!

suzi blu said...

mama! I feel like Ive spent the day with you. I would have written in yr blog but it wont let me? Yes I did it. finally. and still I mess up and am nervous but most times it goes smoothly. a lesson Im sure.