Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I lOve the painting I made this morning. I will post it but first must clean pooh's face and get him ready for the vet, brush his coat and make him pretty for the nurses. Michelle loves pooh, and he's good for her.(meaning he sits still when she holds him and doesnt try to bite like he does some of the other girls). Pooh has always liked girls rather than guys, my little man.

and I have something vEry excited in store for you this weeekend. Todays painting will be the last I post for a few days....until sunday I think. I am making something special, I cant tell you, and Im getting a special effect for the video to really make the paintings COME TO LIFE. so I need time to create it and play. I think Im on to something new, that I think you are going to deeply enjoy.

So! Ah, I must write a few papers today. I have a movie tonight too called EVERYTHING'S ILLUMINATED. oh and I wanted to ask you: My birthday is next wednesday. I want to spend it alone I think. Whenever I am around people on my birthday I feel pressure to have like the best day of my life, you know? so nothing is ever really good. Ive ordered a great book from amazon called: "A Trip To The Stars" by Nicholas Christopher. I want to read it all in one day, somewhere beautiful. maybe by a marina? and drink milkshakes. Thats what I want for my birthday. Any more ideas though? What can I do to make it more of a sacred day?

Ok, on to begining the day. Ill be back tonight at 8:00 to post the new painting. Im very excited to show you!

love and light,
suzi blu

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