Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am here but I am not here, studying until saturday

Next video will be posted Sunday night. Around 8 pm EST.

I am happy, mostly, but with my cats health failing, I'll admit I am a bit melancholy.
But I know thats ok.
In a land of television shows where everyone is pretending they are perfect, we know at home they are just like us, with sweatpants and cats that are sick.
I may be a bit sad but I will still give you a message of hope this weekend.

If anything, this situation is teaching me to live in the moment.
To appreciate what is in front of me because soon it will be taken away.

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iHanna said...

Hey vide-girl, you found my blog, I found yours. I'm not melancholy but so much worse. Your videos are great. I'd invite you for tea if you lived closer. :-)