Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Right now

So Mr. Pooh's bloodtest came back not so great. His kidneys arent working well but beside for that everything else is fine, blood count is good, magnesium, so he is on special food and I have to do this remedy thing every other day - sort of like an IV that goes into his skin (not a vein) and gives him fluids. The techs at the vet are showing me how to do it at home, Im going to need a friend to help me while I do it, to hold the bag while I insert. It didnt seem to bother him at all at the vet, just when the needle came out a little, but not too disturbing. Im hopeful I can learn how to do this. I have to learn, I have no choice. I need to be strong for pooh.

Its like, this is life, right? You love with all of you, pooh is my heart, and you have to let it go. He had it the first day I took him home and I slept with him on the floor because he wouldnt come out from under the kitchen table. That was 15 years ago. And he sleeps with his paw in my hand every night. The vet said he could do very well and live a few more years this way - he is eating good and seems fine, I am grateful for that. Now we just wait and see.

He is sleeping and dreaming right now and has a full belly, sleeping on his leopard spotting perch in front of the window. At this moment he is doing fine, I am doing fine, everyone I know is doing fine. We all have this moment. Thats all we are guaranteed. We all have today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, there is a Rockin' Girl Blogger award for you on my blog. Thank you for sharing your talents and also your cat!

a simple offering said...

My maggie slept on my tummy/chest when I first got her. She's a weimar so that lasted about 3 weeks.