Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oh my GOD!

3 hours last night trying to hook up Remote Assistance so my friend could fix my computer at my house whilst he was at his house - will try again today but I am not hopeful. Boo! I want it fixed now! I want to make a video. eh well. I am two days behind in homework anyway. I have 2 papers that were due sunday night. I need to read and write today not play. No playing!
So my bangs are short. All of my life Ive said Im going to grow them out but when I do they really annoy me, the way they feel dangling in my eyes. And I have a really big forehead. I think I look better with bangs anyway. so :P Who cares if my hair always looks the same. For my birthday I want to put a big blonde streak right down next to my cheek. something huge.
Ok time to study. be back later. - suzi


Under Ground Cafe said...

Looove the pic. Its a simple pic of Suzi Blu.
But for osme reason I think cool.
You're just hangin out being cool with your bangs. :)

Paulette said...

Hey Suzi! Love your new paintings & your new bangs are super cute! :)

Hey I was talking to my hubby about your problem using Remote Assistance and he told me about LogMeIn. He said it's much easier to use and that Remote Assistance is a PITA. LOL! He's a Network Engineer, so I trust his opinion on these kind of things. If you want to check it out, the website is www.logmein.com

Hope you're able to get your computer issue solved soon so you can upload a new video. :D

suzi blu said...

ooh thank you! I will try that