Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh its been a week?

I need to update this blog more. School has been crAzy this summer. I am taking accelerated courses so its reading and papers allofthetime!!!!! BLAH! I will never see the beach this summer. The most I get of the outdoors is when pooh whines and cries in the morning and I put his leash on and we sit on the balcony. I watch him stomp moths. Sometimes I stop him because I dont like death but sometimes I let him go because his life is pretty boring being a 15 year old cat who mostly sleeps. He acts like a kitten out there with the bugs. So I let him, and hope the bug deaths are quick.

I will write more I promise. and take more weekly pics of random house things. Its just, eh, like I said, painting nearly every day and papers to write, I havent been doing much housekeeping.

I will be more interesting in a day or two. I swear.

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