Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blu Angel go HERE to take a closer look
My goodness I am a bad girl! I may paint angels but I am getting behind in school. See, this summer I am taking all online classes. so there is no real teacher, no real classroom, no exact time really that I have to do anything other than send in papers and take the final. which is misleading because if you wait to the last minute to write papers, you end up doing several in one day, which is quite ridiculous.

So I must must must must must must must NOT PAINT TOMORROW. ha. you know? I need someone to straighten me out, seriously, like a personal assistant. stand over me with a ruler and say Get to Work! Want the job?


Paulette said...

Pssst....I just went and bid on your "I believe in you" painting. I LOVE her! :D

Hey, I need one of those personal assistants too! Maybe one day...*sigh*...hey a girl can dream right? LOL! ;)

suzi blu said...

oh thank you!
yeah wouldnt that be nice, someone to just take care of all the details. That would be lovely right now.