Thursday, July 26, 2007

2:58 and Im done with homework

Well, I did all that was required of me today. I could get a headstart on tomorrow, but I may be dead tomorrow. Better to paint.

Ohilovethisfeeling...don't you? The moments before painting. Hair in ponytails, flowy yoga pants on, brushing past the shelves looking for inspiration. Gathering the supplies, putting water in the jar, selecting my favorite colors. There is comfort in this ritual. In this moment - unlimited potential. Anything can happen. I think today I will use rice paper for her tail. green, with orange fish. I will have to look up my color book for a third color combination. something to make the two more at home with themselves.

I have seed beeds too, gold, orange, I wonder how they look dropped in wax.

Its only when I paint that I feel at home.

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LINDSAY said...

I too love the anticipation of painting! Counting down the minutes before both the girls will be napping, editing text in my head, mentally collaging papers, rolling out my suitcase of paints...the calm before the storm! As soon as I sit down it is a frenzy of paper, paint, glue & messes! LOVE IT!