Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Right now

So Mr. Pooh's bloodtest came back not so great. His kidneys arent working well but beside for that everything else is fine, blood count is good, magnesium, so he is on special food and I have to do this remedy thing every other day - sort of like an IV that goes into his skin (not a vein) and gives him fluids. The techs at the vet are showing me how to do it at home, Im going to need a friend to help me while I do it, to hold the bag while I insert. It didnt seem to bother him at all at the vet, just when the needle came out a little, but not too disturbing. Im hopeful I can learn how to do this. I have to learn, I have no choice. I need to be strong for pooh.

Its like, this is life, right? You love with all of you, pooh is my heart, and you have to let it go. He had it the first day I took him home and I slept with him on the floor because he wouldnt come out from under the kitchen table. That was 15 years ago. And he sleeps with his paw in my hand every night. The vet said he could do very well and live a few more years this way - he is eating good and seems fine, I am grateful for that. Now we just wait and see.

He is sleeping and dreaming right now and has a full belly, sleeping on his leopard spotting perch in front of the window. At this moment he is doing fine, I am doing fine, everyone I know is doing fine. We all have this moment. Thats all we are guaranteed. We all have today.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New video SUNDAY

Pat the video king has fiXed my computer. YAY!
new video on sunday, July 29th.
I will post it here.

join me!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

2:58 and Im done with homework

Well, I did all that was required of me today. I could get a headstart on tomorrow, but I may be dead tomorrow. Better to paint.

Ohilovethisfeeling...don't you? The moments before painting. Hair in ponytails, flowy yoga pants on, brushing past the shelves looking for inspiration. Gathering the supplies, putting water in the jar, selecting my favorite colors. There is comfort in this ritual. In this moment - unlimited potential. Anything can happen. I think today I will use rice paper for her tail. green, with orange fish. I will have to look up my color book for a third color combination. something to make the two more at home with themselves.

I have seed beeds too, gold, orange, I wonder how they look dropped in wax.

Its only when I paint that I feel at home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blu Angel go HERE to take a closer look
My goodness I am a bad girl! I may paint angels but I am getting behind in school. See, this summer I am taking all online classes. so there is no real teacher, no real classroom, no exact time really that I have to do anything other than send in papers and take the final. which is misleading because if you wait to the last minute to write papers, you end up doing several in one day, which is quite ridiculous.
So I must must must must must must must NOT PAINT TOMORROW. ha. you know? I need someone to straighten me out, seriously, like a personal assistant. stand over me with a ruler and say Get to Work! Want the job?

oh my GOD!

3 hours last night trying to hook up Remote Assistance so my friend could fix my computer at my house whilst he was at his house - will try again today but I am not hopeful. Boo! I want it fixed now! I want to make a video. eh well. I am two days behind in homework anyway. I have 2 papers that were due sunday night. I need to read and write today not play. No playing!
So my bangs are short. All of my life Ive said Im going to grow them out but when I do they really annoy me, the way they feel dangling in my eyes. And I have a really big forehead. I think I look better with bangs anyway. so :P Who cares if my hair always looks the same. For my birthday I want to put a big blonde streak right down next to my cheek. something huge.
Ok time to study. be back later. - suzi

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Miss Blu in the country

Miss Blu doesn't understand why kitty doesn't like to be lead around on a leash through the country fields! But just beyond that house over there is another kitty, giggling. Come check out the art for sale this week at: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsuziblutubeQQhtZ-1

In Other News: Ugh...my computer. one day I have 4 gigs extra and the next I have 800MB left and I downloaded NOTHING. I have no clue what is going on but I cant upload video with no space. as sooon as someone comes down here to look at whats going on I will be back up with more videos. I promise! You cant stop me! I have a strong desire to talk nonsense and sing cat songs and it is my mission in life to make you all endure it. ha.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pooh the water theif!

Here is a peak at the painting I put up today. To see all of my auctions please visit http://www.suziblu.net/ and click on eBay.


Me at an art festival drinking orange juice and sweating because it is hot hot hot. I like the painting I uploaded today. I haven't had time to make a video I am sorry, 4 midterms this week. Next week I will try to get the camera going but I cannot promise. school is kicking my butt. I have a movie for tonight MARIE ANTOINETTE with Kirsten Dunst. Sophia Coppola who I love love love directed it. It seems stylistic and inspiring and Im going to put the books down now even though Im still not prepared for tomorrows tests, and watch it. Life is short right. I can always study in the morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a nightmare! I wake up and check my listings and all of the shipping reads 24.00!! I am new to adding the international shipping to my listings and was revising them last night trying to choose that I will sell worldwide, when I do though it becomes whacky! I have to figure out what I was doing wrong.


Well, all is well now. Today I must cram for midterms that are TOMORROW. absolutely no fun I shall allow myself to have with art supplies NO. I was bad yesturday making the kitty painting. But I had to.

Ok off to study.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

love me even tho my house is a mess?

I can feel it. Its like, bright yellow electricity speeding through my blood-sending me energy to go bring out the paints and start on my next two paintings BUT NO. I have to put in the time today, developmental, early childhood, drugs and society, and organizational theory. Midterms are this thurs and fri. !!!!! I am good though. I have always gotten A's killed myself for A's and when I'd get a B Id cry. My philosophy has always been if I dont try my best then why bother. But I can still be a wonderful preschool teacher with B's. I really can. Where I need A work to be is in my paintings. That is something that I can never slack on. Doing my best in painting means Im using my gift to the utmost of its potential. I do not have to be the best housecleaner (mom would disagree) or the best cook or always look perfect and have on great clothes. Although all of that helps and Im happy when everything is clean and I look purty, ahh, to be FREE to PAINT and look like crap and my house needing a good vaccuume and REMEMBERING - this is impermanent. Temporary. These are little things, the way we look, how our surroundings look. You cannot always control these things. I may not have money for the clothes i want and I may not look as pretty today as I did yesturday....but I can bit into this moment, always. I can paint. fully. be in the moment. Laugh and smile.

Byzantium. gold leaf crackling like a dying empire. I want I want I want to paint. It is 9:38, Ive already 'wasted' an hour 'online'. Discipline. study. then paint. then dance a bit. I dont move around enough.

A new video soon. I will tape something tonight.

Have a wonderful tuesday! I hope it is not too humid where you are and you find a bit of artificially cool air. I hope you can stay in the moment today and paint a little something and let the rest GO! It just doesnt matter, how clean the house is. You are not a reflection of your housekeeping skills. I swear! I would love you even with dishes in the sink.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh its been a week?

I need to update this blog more. School has been crAzy this summer. I am taking accelerated courses so its reading and papers allofthetime!!!!! BLAH! I will never see the beach this summer. The most I get of the outdoors is when pooh whines and cries in the morning and I put his leash on and we sit on the balcony. I watch him stomp moths. Sometimes I stop him because I dont like death but sometimes I let him go because his life is pretty boring being a 15 year old cat who mostly sleeps. He acts like a kitten out there with the bugs. So I let him, and hope the bug deaths are quick.

I will write more I promise. and take more weekly pics of random house things. Its just, eh, like I said, painting nearly every day and papers to write, I havent been doing much housekeeping.

I will be more interesting in a day or two. I swear.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I have new voice mail set up for my website. Once a month, at the begining of the month, like now, I will put a new message on. Something inspiring. And I want to hear messages in return. So call me. Tell me a story, or how much you love yellow, recite your favorite poem, or just call to say hi. 856-292-6819

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lovely, lovely, lovely

I should take a picture of the rain but it's dark outside.
I have tWo paintings ready to go,well, I still need
to collage the frame. With words I think. Age them. I will do it
tomorrow morning.
organize organize organize.
I have midterms in 2 weeks. I am not prepared.
i just want to paint all day.
cant I just do that?