Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So this is what I've been up to. white geisha like faces, collaged dresses. I cant show you what she is looking at yet. Come here on Friday for the video and auction <3
Its hot today. hot hot. I dont have air in my car. I just came back from the shrink who told me I must FORCE myself to take breaks when I paint. Yesturday I went straight from 10 am until 930 pm, I think I ate a banana and some cheese. Not good. Part of loving yourself is to the ability to let things go once inawhile. To stop in the middle when it doesn't look so good because you deserve it. A break. A sandwich. All of that time wasnt productive even though I was working. When I am tired I make mistakes and re work and re work and end up messing parts up. With a good nights rest I was able to fix the problems, and now look how pretty she is! All of that toil and fret for nothing.

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a simple offering said...

Very pretty.

I'm just now going back and reading your blog from the beginning.

I am bipolar 2 and have ADD type symptoms. Part of that is being super focused on one thing and sticking with it until it's not so healthy, like art all day.

If there's one thing I don't mind getting caught up in it's art.