Friday, June 15, 2007

So Im vacuming and when I turn around pooh is up there on this chair. You gotta understand though, pooh is 14 and just this month he's started something new...we want to be picked up everywhere we go, we want to drink water from the bathroom sink - oh Im old..pick me up. He's always looking at me to bend over and carry him around, which I like actually. Hes my baby. And he's not scared of the vacuume cleaner mine is quiet and I can vaccume right next to his head and he never cares, so to see him up high like this was hilarious. usually I put the white bench under the brown table for him to use to get up there and here he is jumping up on everything unaided. Little stinker.
I'll still pick him up though.


Anonymous said...

My great danes are scared of EVERYTHING. They dont quite fit on top of the table to get away from things though.. they just run frantic through the house knocking everything over. hehe

a simple offering said...

How funny! Pooh is adorable.

I have a 1.5 yr old kitten that will start walking toward you then she plops down and wants you to come pick her up and carry her.

My weimar is afraid of everything, too.