Friday, August 01, 2008

New Blog Home

Hey everybody!!! I got a new blog. Its not finished yet Im going to take a week to finish it.
Come on over and check me out when you have a chance.
Update me on your list!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It aint always pretty but its true

Thee only reason I am where I am today is because of my blatant honesty, be it off color or not. I could easily become another cookie cutter and probably have huge potential at that and reach the most audience, hell I can be a cooler martha stewart, but thats not where I want to be. My art and method of teaching is infused with my life, and my life is filled with ups, downs, and contradictions. People read my blog not because Im the best artist in the world, others do what I do and do it well but I would bet that none have as loyal a following. Its an attitude I am selling, promoting, advocating, above anything else. Empowerment. Its not the clean sanitized version like youll find in polished barnes and noble books but the gritty real life shit we go through. It's feminism at its highest and that is the highest service I offer women. And that takes being as true to life as I possibly can.

When I put out there the whole B movie thing I was warned not to, that it will tarnish my image and perhaps turn some people away. But in fact, it brought them closer to me. Because Im real. I admit what I do and I do not apologize for it. I am NOT a christian fundamentalist nor do I want to pretend to be. Not that there is anything wrong with that but its not my path. I want to sleep with SHANE for petes sake. and I was a stripper for 15 years. Although I am more than these things my experiences make me who I am, and the more myself I act the more I allow others to be themselves too. and this, in my opinion, is what brings everyone here.

I really mean it when I talk about revolution.

someone said once I was a "master of marketing" and I told them Ive never marketed in my fucking life. As if my lack of hair washing and making videos in my pajamas is an elaborate plan. Im just a chick on the floor of her room talking to a video camera and pretending it is her best friend. Because I want a best friend. I want authenticity. I want to tell someone my secrets FINALLY TELL MY SECRETS, and not live a bullshit life anymore. I cant breathe with secrets in my throat.

Although I want to be out there as much as I can and let this all get as big as it possibly can I dont forsee the usual way of getting there. With the internet all has changed anyway. No longer do we need editors or publishers to see good things in us, we see them in ourselves and put our art there anyway. I dont know about you but Id LOVE to read a craft book in which they said PUT THIS FUCKING THING OVER HERE THEN ADD THE OTHER FUCKING THING TO IT and stopped the sterilized boring CRAP I see everywhere.

Why does Rachel Rae look like an airbrushed waif on magazine covers but ooh 20 lbs heavier on her TV show?

Although I invite other markets to love me I will not court them in any special way. Im not going to dumb down my message or make it easier to swallow for the quilting ladies. If they are hungry for new ideas in fabric art, for something fresh, they will listen. If not then there are countless cardboard lifeless 'crafters' out there for them to follow.

I want a new breed of art chicas. I want lesbian orgies of wild abandon ART LOVE. I want goddesses coast to coast painting in tee shirts with out a bra and if all the retreat circuits out there dont want me and my ladies SO BE IT. We will start our own little revolution out here in the corner.

Can I get a hallelujah?

Full steam ahead baby.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learning how to make dingy digital backgrounds

Just this morning I said today i will DETOX no sugar and definitely no sausage and peppers that my dad would be making tonight and then by 5:30 it started with a low sugar hard candy and quickly lead to stuffing a chocolate cupcake into my mouth and washing it down with an A&W Root beer, followed by Dads lovely greazy sausage and peppers.

failed again.
I want comfort tho.
and im weak
Im weak!!

The baby snores. she snores so loud. she had diarrhea today a bit cause they all feed her bad people food at the table, that stops. now she is on chop meat and rice to bind her. the snoring is so cute tho. I must tape it. I need to make a cd of her fav songs too.

viva la gigi!
i need to make tee shirts

Monday, July 28, 2008

Always Thinking

So after the class is finished I am going to ENTER THE WORLD damn it. ha. get me a life outside of these walls. I found a local yoga place. that is first. and there is also a meet up place that does life drawing once a week I could do that, and Ive also written to them and asked if I can start up an art journal group. I think that would be an excellent idea and would fuel the you tube thing because Id have 3 dimensional people to play with YAY.

So here is to getting out of the house!

Party Girl Kit Testimonial

by Katy

"I had so much fun working on this kit. i tend to get caught up in gathering supplies and over thinking projects, sometimes to the point of not getting anything done. with the party girl a lot of the thinking was done for me and i could just let go and play. that is exactly how I looked at it too~ play. I wanted to use some of the supplies i have horded and held on to for who know how long and use them in this piece which I did. I'm naturally a kind of serious person and I find various art forms a nice release if I try not to think too hard. before the kit arrived I promised myself that i wouldn't think so much and just do, to relax and trust the process. the directions were awesome with just enough direction to make it work but not too much to make it seem too hard. in fact I had a hard time waiting for the paint to dry since I didn't want to stop and got up a few in the the middle of the night to either play some more or just look at and get inspired on what I would add next. once I was finished I was so pleased and couldn't believe that i finished it without going into over thinking overload and that I had anything to do with how it turned out. I keep looking at it and am amazed that I actually had any part to play in how it turned out. I had so much fun and I want more kits and i cant wait for the online class! thank you suzi if you lived by me I'd give you a big hug! you are my muse (well you and my cat, belle:) >^..^< katy"

and here is Katy's work:

Have a party Girl Testimonial?
email me at suziblu at gmail

Saturday, July 26, 2008

XZ!$#@@xxxGRRR(&$^#%&&!!!!! cramps

See the bed in the back? Thats the baby's new bed. pooh sleeps in it too. I can fit my ass in it as well its so damn big. fkg A I have cramps. 3 advil and 2 hours later and its better thank goodness for drugs. Better living thru chemicals I always say. I am nearly finished with Lesson 2. (just ooh 6 more to go, and editing 4 videos yeeee haaaa!) but there is nothing you cant do, you know? If you put time into it.

I gots no wisdom right now. I blew it all on the class lesson. Im afraid I wont be much good to anyone until I finish all of this work. and you know for fun right now I think Im going to spend too much money on Dover books. I deserves it. Isn't it funny how I gussy up for my videos but I look all spent and worn for my blogger girls? Sort of like the lover who puts on high heels for work but at home wears sweatpants all the time. Im sorry I dont dress for you! I know you secretly dont care tho so thats why I dont. I know you are wearing sweats too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Lantern Finale

BTW Hollys new name is GIGI.
When she came to the rescue she had the name Prissy - which she didnt respond to. (can you imagine being 7 and not having a name?) so they called her Holly, which is sort of responds to. I think if we change it to gigi right now shell get it fast. and its so much CUTER and easy to sing. and she likes it. she told me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paper Lantern Finale Thursday

Non stop thunderstorms and the baby wont sleep so I havent had much either. Even Teddy here could use a few more hours cause the baby shakes and paces and likes thunder NOT SO MUCH and at this point neither do I. I have to wait until tomorrow and some sunlight anyway to take photos of the finished Lantern which came out pretty cool. I like paper things. Paper ships paper dolls a paper ocean. I want to live in 2 dimensions.

video love tomorrow afternoon babies

Monday, July 21, 2008

I want to save for this

That probably doesnt include airfare does it? no it doesnt. and doesnt include even the supplies for the class! ee gosh!